Wednesday, December 26, 2007


Tylers Guitar and Zacks "Ratatootie" movie.
Christmas madness the chaos of the holiday. People everywhere.
Dancing in Grandpa's garage. The kids liked it running around out there. Bryce and Shon were really excited to dance but we all did it because their wonderful wives wanted them to.
Whitney and Jack addressing each other and beginning to dance the western themed song.
Natali and Bryce were our instructors and they taught us all to CHA CHA and line dance they did a fabulous job.


Tyler really liked the marble run his daddy built for him.
Jed and Tyler have played well together. There is Holly in here PJ'S and her pregnancy belly.
The race track that Ben built we hooked them together and the kids all thought it was fantastic.
The Cars movie has made a load of the Hamblin and Shuldberg clan. Out of the hundreds of cars the kids loved to fight over the same car. It changed from time to time but they usually wanted the same car at the same time. Goofy kids.
Tyler opening up his guitar he really wanted a guitar.


Christmas morning is here finally. Tyler and Zack were really excited to see what Santa brought.
Zack said for every gift he opened, "This is exactly what I wanted and would give it a kiss." He was really cute. He is holding some hot wheel cars.
Tyler loved his new Vsmile game. It was as Zack put it "Ratatootie" game.
A new controller for the Ratatootie game and Vsmile.
Zack is overwhelmed with all his new toys. That is the marble run that Shon built on the right side and the other items randomly strung across the floor.

Tuesday, December 25, 2007

Final Christmas Eve pictures.

The boys all got Pajamas for Christmas and they loved them. They ran around for hours chasing wach other and sliding in there PJ's. It is a really fun christmas tradition.
They loved their PJ's
The Christmas dinner table setting. It was bueatiful.
Playing more cards and games. That is the end of the 24th post we will post more later.
Playing board games like Rage, Carcasone, Settlers of Catan, Scategories.
Kids were playing there own games, it has been really cute because all the kids are getting old enough to play games, puzzles and hid and go seek by themselves they have had a lot of fun.
The weather was pristine Christmas weather and the Children bundled up and built a snow family. Grandpa directed the construction the kids enjoyed it greatly.

They were trying to see who could build the biggest snow ball. The whole activity was FANTASTIC!

Christmas Eve (Hamblin Nativity)

Zack, Jed, Jake were the wise men. Celinda and Whitney were Shepard's, Ben and Hiedi were Mary and Joseph. Little Josh was the star and was baby Jesus.
Bryce, Natali and Holly were angels. Specifically Bryce was the angel Gabriel.
Jack was the narrator and Tyler was an prop manager. He was being a little stink and was being shy and would not participate in any other way. He really enjoyed being Grandpa's helper. Shon was in charge of running the camera's. The family really felt like Shon should be nowhere near the front of a camera.

Christmas Eve Party in Ekalaka

The famous prime rib was just taken out of the roaster. We all raced to taste the succulent meat that Ben and Jack had prepared. It was amazing and delicious. The table was set and beautifully decorated by the ladies of the family. Prime Rib, baked potatoes, green salad, a cherry salad in memory of Emmers, and Holly's homemade rolls. The weather outside was frightful but, the food was rather delightful. We were all stuffed.

Wednesday, December 19, 2007

Primary activity

We had a primary Christmas part. All the kids wore pj's and listened to stories from Mr. and Mrs. Claus. They made cookies, candy cane reindeer and played musical chairs. They had a really good time at the party. This was also Shon's 1st official Bishopric party to attend and supervise. He felt really awkward. Our kids are wonderful. The dog in the picture with Zack id Ally this is Bryan's and Mary's new puppy. He is cute but hyper and toots all the time. They like her alot.