Monday, August 18, 2008

So I was looking through my digital camera pictures and realized I have taken quite a few and not blogged about them and the recent happenings of the Shuldberg Fam. We have enjoyed a busy summer, which is winding down quickly because school starts on Thursday. Kid of amazing actually. It doesn't seem like it should be time yet. But we have had a good summer anyway. We have had visits from family, family reunions and fun trips and lots of enjoying life. I sometimes wish that we would stop and enjoy life a little more, not that we are stressed all of the time, but we could do more enjoying, I think. Anyway, Bryan and Mary (my younger brother and his beautiful wife) were sealed in the Idaho Falls temple a few weeks ago, bringing my family around. Everyone was here except Nat and Bryce, whom we saw a few weeks before that. It was great to have everyone around. Thanks, Jake and Emily, for coming and spending some extra time with us. We really enjoyed your visit. (You too Whit. We are so excited to have you home pretty soon!) Shon's family had a couple reunions and they were fun. We saw some relatives we haven't seen for a while.

Tyler has had an interesting last week or so. He started getting sick after the Baker family reunion. He had a pretty high fever that just made him feel rotten for about 4 days.

Black eye from playing softball with the big boys!!
First tooth to fall out. I realized that his permanent tooth was already coming in. Darn

Ty and Zack slept on the couch one night. This is how we found them in the morning.
Ty climbed in the crib to take a nap the other day when he was sock with a fever. Don't know why.
Watermelon eating contest with cousins.

Taylee with our Sunday treat chocolate cake. We frosted part of it pink, just for her.

Just Cam being really cute!!