Monday, June 15, 2009

Family Reunion

Cameron and his older cousin. Those older cousins were great with Cameron. Cameron liked them a lot.
Shon's wonderful family going on a hike. Except Claudia she was struggling with the altitude change. It made her quite sick.

Rolling the glass sorry the pictures are king of dark.

Glass blowing demonstration. It was really neat to watch. Thanks Brian and Alison for purchasing something so I didn't feel so bad about not purchasing anything.

Here we are at our reunion in CO. It was a small 10 1/2 hours from Ekalaka, Montana. We have been planning this for a year. It was exciting to be with my family. We started this every other year tradition because Alison our sister in law suggested it. What a wonderful Idea it has been. It is so fun to get together as a family and spend quality time together. This is our 4th time having this in 8 years. All the memories our great. Long term keeper type memories. The Cabin was amazing. It was very nice and this last picture is the stairway.

Shuldberg Family Reunion

We took a trip this last week. Our first stop Ekalaka, MT. We went swimming. We had our first sun on the trip and decided to take advantage of it. Idaho Falls to Ekalaka 9 hours. Just a drop in the bucket compared to the whole week. Tyler ended up having 3 birthday parties. One in IF before we left with friends. One in Ekalaka, Mt with Grandpa and Grandma Hamblin. They were great hosts and try to make everyone so comfortable. We love you Grnadma and Grandpa.