Saturday, October 25, 2008

A whole new world (revisited)

Before Cameron was born, my two boys were pretty easy. They were at the age of entertaining themselves and could even get themselves a snack or drink for themselves is needed. I could even take a little nap without them napping if I wanted to. Ty was 6 and Zack was 4 and it was pretty easy. I guess I kind of forgot that a baby is a little more work. Now that he is here, I remember a whole lot of things that aren't really easy (but fun and great, though). Crawling is our new thing and I remember the things I have to be on top of to protect the little guy. Anyway, I love all these baby stages. This is how I found Cam after his nap yesterday. Pulled himself up an everything. WOW. He was very proud of himself. I was making pizza for lunch later and before I knew it, he found the flour bucket. Oh man he thought it was fun.

I try everyday to enjoy and love all these stages of my children. Sometimes it is hard to just sit back and take it all in. I seem to always think that my house isn't clean enough, I have to get the laundry done, I don't have time to play a game with Zack and I really wish that I would just forget about those things for awhile and take advantage of them really wanting to spend time with me. Man, I love being a mom. I hope that my kids love me as much.

A little update on the rest:
1. Ty is done with soccer, which is good because it is pretty darn cold here. He loves school and is doing so well. I am impressed with him every day.
2. Zack is loving preschool and wishes he could go everyday. He loves that he has that is his now, that he does by himself. What a sweet spirit he has.
3. Cameron, as mentioned before changes daily. He is such a happy kid. I don't know how I got so lucky to have such a good natured baby.
4. Shon is really busy. His work he loves but is very busy. But he is managing it very well. The church calling is very busy also and takes a lot of his time, but blessings come because of his diligence. He is amazing.
5. I am trying to live life better everyday. Happy and healthy.
2. Zack is lov

Monday, October 13, 2008

What a week!!

Zack took this of Cam. Pretty darn cute, I must say.

We have had an interesting week. Last weekend, we went to Utah to see some friends. We sure had a great time visiting and getting a chance to catch up. But on Sunday, I woke up feeling a little strange. By about 10:00, I was down for the count. A flu bug bit me hard and it was pretty miserable. I could hardly move, except to head to the bathroom. Let alone just feeling terrible, I felt worse that I was at our friends house and I couldn't even visit with them. All I did was curl up in a ball. (Thank you Pam for letting me be such a bum and for playing with my kids!!) That evening, I was feeling a little better so we headed home. But I was still sick. The only thing I hoped was that the rest of my family would not get it.

So we went through the week, with me getting stronger everyday, and nobody else getting sick. Well, Friday night it hit Zack and Tyler. They were up most of the night throwing up. I felt so bad. But by Saturday afternoon, they were feeling better.

Then Cameron somehow got pink eye. Poor kid could hardly open his eyes Sunday evening and night. But I had some antibiotic drops for that and they are looking good now. Just hope nobody else gets that.

I was feeling pretty confident that the sick had passed Shon by. But today he came home for lunch and was very achey. Poor guy has it now. Dang.

Well, that is my story. I hope nobody we were around gets this because it isn't fun. Sorry if anyone else gets this darn flu. Maybe it will stay in Utah.

Friday, October 10, 2008


I don't know why this is so dark. But you kind of can see him crawling. He's all over the place!!

Wednesday, October 8, 2008

Crawling Baby = better cleaning

He is so excited that he can get where he wants to go. "Look how big I am , Mom!!"

Aside from the fact that these two faces are incredibly adorable, they are a little frustrating sometimes. I knew this day was inevitable, but hoped it wouldn't happen. These two have very short haircuts because, yes, you guessed it... THEY CUT THEIR OWN HAIR. It's really not too bad, pretty easy to hide, but still. I always thought just girls did that to themselves!!
This is a usual activity for these two while Tyler is at school. Cam will actually sit there for quite awhile.

So Cam is crawling all over the place. Now I am in the mode of making sure there is nothing on the floor that he might choke on, which is hard!! And man it is hard to keep track of the little guy. He is pretty darn content, though, which is nice. But I do remember how much they love to hang out at your feet when they figure out how to get around. I almost step on him a lot.

I have been making salsa lately with tomatoes from my inlaws garden. Yummy. But my house smells like salsa for a few days after and I get a little tired of that. I sure am not a good gardener so I am so glad that my inlaws share with us. I love fresh produce, not only for the taste, but it is so pretty!

All in all, we are pretty happy. I got sick over the weekend and am praying that I didn't share with the rest of the fam. So far so good!! Shon is on call this week and that makes him pretty stressed, but we make it through. Things are good.

I was uploading a video to go on this post, but waited for 2 1/2 hours and it never finished. Does anybody know why that would happen? I will try again tomorrow cus it is really cute!!