Friday, May 30, 2008

Just some cute kids

Zack brought me this black glove the other day and wanted to wear it. It is actually one of my gloves I use when I am coloring hair. But he said it was his working glove. So I put it on him and went on with what I was doing. I came upstairs a little while later and he had a bunch of cooking utinsels out and was stirring up a batch of something. It was just so cute. He even had the Hamblin Family cookbook out to the side of him. I think he entertained himself for about 2 hours then again later in the day. It was just really cute. I am still finding utinsels around my house.

Cameron loves his bouncer. He will stay and play in it for quite a while. I was doing the dishes and he was having quite the conversation with the little spiders on it. But of course as soon as I got the camera, he stopped talking. He was still pretty cute so I thought I would show you all. Sorry my voice is so weird. I have had quite a cold.

Tuesday, May 27, 2008

I know it has been a while....

So I haven't done anything on this blog for a while, I know. Have you ever had times when not much is going on except life and you don't feel very excited? And sometimes it feels like you don't have a lot of motivation for much? That is how I have been the last little while. Life is fine and nothing is bad, just nothing too exciting. I am sure that it is because of me and my attitude, but that is how I have felt. But when I think about it, we have done some fun things. So I guess I will just feel you in on a few of our happenings.

Tyler had his Kindergarten Graduation Celebration. The two morning classes performed the songs that they learned this year in music. It was really cute. Tyler is one of the tallest in his class so he was on the back row, which is probably good because he is kind of shy and doesn't like to draw attention to himself. Then the teacher got up and gave them each a diploma. What a fun time. It is amazing that he is just growing up and how much he knows. Very fun.

Don't they all look so excited! This is right after they got their diplomas.

Tyler has been playing soccer for the last couple months. I always seem to get to the game without my camera. He has sure enjoyed it. His team is just boys and they are all pretty darn good athletes. Some of the boys have played for 4 seasons so they know pretty much what they are doing. This is Tyler's 2nd season. Our friend Tom is their coach and he is great!! All the boys love him. It has been really fun.

Emily and Elie all bundled up. This was just last Thursday and it was sooo cold. Spring soccer in Idaho. What do we expect, right?

Tyler is the one in dark red that just kicked the ball. This game he scored a goal. His first goal ever. It was very exciting. We had actually told him that when he scored a goal, we would take him to McDonald's for a happy meal. So that is where we headed after the game. Tom and Emily came with us and all the kids had a blast. Hurray, Tyler!!

We had a fun weekend a while ago. Shon got a call from his friend Travis with an invite to a Jazz game. It just happened to be game six of the playoffs so we couldn't turn it down. We left the older boys with Grandma Shuldberg and took Cameron with us. I know what you are probably thinking, "Wasn't that the game that put the Jazz out?" Yes, it was. But we still had fun. I left the darn camera in my suitcase so I have no proof that we were there. This picture is of Cameron in the hotel that we stayed in that night. His first Jazz game and first hotel stay. What a night!! (he did extremely well, I was so proud of him.)

This is Tyler's graduation. I couldn't get very close so you can't see the kids but this is what they sound like. (I actually posted this to see if I figured out how to do videos with my camera and put them on here. I did it so hopefully you will see more videos from me!)

Wednesday, May 14, 2008

Funny boy

Zack and I were talking to Cameron this morning and he was just being so cute. His laughing and talking are so funny. He had Zack rolling on the floor he was laughing so hard. Very, very cute!!

Notice the shirt Jake and Emily. He is wearing it just for you! I think he is actually cheering them on.

Baby animal day at the fairgrounds

On Saturday, we went to the fairgrounds in Blackfoot to a baby animal day. It was a nice day (finally) and it was really fun. Our friends Tom and Emily came with us. There were lambs, goats, calves, piglets, chicks, ducklings, baby miniature horses, a hayride, there were even snakes. I didn't care too much for the snakes. Zack and Tyler wouldn't touch them either, smart boys. They had a boa that was 4 or 5 feet and it looked just like my brother Ben's friend Otis. It brought back terrifying memories of waking up with him in my bed and things like that. We enjoyed it very much.

On the hayride. Come to think of it there actually wasn't any hay on the wagon. So just wagon ride. Tyler thought it was great but Zack just wanted the team to run.

Tom and their three oldest, Keaton, Shaustia and Austin. Emily waited at the gate with Elie and the strollers.
A fun hay bail maze. I don't know how many times the boys went through this.

Zack loved holding the baby's more than Ty did, not a real surprise. But Ty did pet a few and he actually held the chicks 2 OR 3 times, but I didn't get a picture of it.

Friday, May 9, 2008

Stuff and a funny story

Well it has been a while since I have posted anything. I have been kind of busy with just stuff. I have been going to Ty's school everyday to help out with teacher appreciation week and he has thought that it has been grand. Zack loves it too because he gets to do puzzles and things. Today I was there for about 3 hours and he was so done. But Ty has really loved it.

We are getting over our sick. The lingering coughs are annoying, but everyone if feeling much better. Tonight Shon and I are going to Rexburg for an employee appreciation dinner for his company. Grandma Shuldberg is very excited because she gets the boys. The older two are going to have a sleepover and are very excited. I think that they miss me going to work because now they don't see their grandparents as often. I know the grandparents miss them a lot.

Here are just a few cute pictures.

Zack had a fever for about three days. This day he didn't do much but lay around. I came up stairs and he had made a little bed for himself on the couch and zonked out. Notice he still has his jammies on. I don't think he took them off for three days, they are his favorite.
Cameron loves to sit up lately. I sit him in the joint of the couch and he gets so proud of himself that he is sitting up. I love this face. It is as if he is saying "Look how big I am!"

So this is my funny story: Last night Shon and I both had to go to Enrichment at the church so the boys were going with us to play in the nursery. I was feeding Cameron on the couch and told Zack to go change his clothes so we could go. When he came up the stairs, I could hear him walking slowly and kind of giggling. As he came up, he was backwards walking up. As I looked, he had his shirt and pants on backwards. It caught me as so funny I couldn't help but start laughing. He then laughed and said "I am backwards boy!" I laughed pretty hard. Then Tyler noticed what he was doing and he went downstairs, switched his shirt backwards and then he walked up the stairs backwards. I could hardly feed Cameron I was laughing so hard. Sometimes I wonder how they come up with these ideas!!

Thursday, May 1, 2008


Things have been pretty good around our place. Nothing too exciting but nothing horrible either. Just life. The boys have caught a cold somewhere. Tyler has had it since Monday but has still been pretty much himself. Now Zack has it and it seems to be effecting him the same way. They sure cough a lot. I just put Cameron down and he was coughing and sneezing and blowing snot out of his nose, so I think he has it too. I hope that it doesn't get too bad.

It is snowing today. It started yesterday and hasn't really stopped. I feel a little depressed about it. Sunday and Monday were so nice. We spent a lot of time outside. I even got a sunburn. Now we have snow again. I just want it to be nice outside!!

Tyler has been playing soccer and it has been fun. I would post pictures but I don't have any because I keep forgetting to take my camera to the games. I think that he is having fun. But we need to figure out how to get him to be more aggresive. I thought that he would never have a problem with that but he does. He really likes to run and fall on the ground. I think that diving on the ground is his favorite part.

I have been playing volleyball lately. My friend Emily told me that a bunch of people play at a stake center close by so I have been going. I also play with Emily on a league on Monday nights. It is weird to play because I haven't played for so long. And I always loved to play but was never very great at it. But it is fun and good exercise. And it has been fun to do something outside of the house for a change.

Shon is pretty good. He kind of has the cold too and isn't feeling 100%. But still going to work. Work has been a little stressful but fine. His calling is busy but has been great. He is such a hard worker. I am so proud of him.

Sorry is this is boring. This is what is going on in life. Life is good!!

Our little thumb sucker!

I have always loved pacifiers. With Zack ad Tyler, it wasn't an issue because they just took them fine and I was so glad. So when I had Cameron, I had a few different kinds of pacifiers to try. In the hospital, he took one pretty well. When we came home he did a little. But as he has gotten older, we have come to realize he just doesn't like them. But he sure likes him thumb. Shon and I both were thumb suckers and we both know it is a hard habit to break so we haven't been thrilled with his choice, but it sure is cute!! He puts himself to sleep and stays asleep all night no less, so I won't complain. He is such a sweet boy!!!!

This is the face that I get when I try to take his picture. He was laughing and smiling like crazy just seconds before this. But I pull out the camera and he is enthralled.