Sunday, June 22, 2008

Summertime...and the living is easy

I am so glad that we finally got some summer here!! There is really something about warm weather and sunshine that really boosts your mood. It has with me. T-ball games have been so much more fun now that we don't have to bundle up. And all those other summertime activities that we have finally been able to do are so fun also. We haven't been too busy around here. One thing I thought I would do before now though, is plant more garden. All I have planted is three tomatoes and a patch of potatoes. Oh well. I'm not a very good gardener anyway. Hopefully my tomatoes will do well so I can make some salsa. We love it around here and I didn't make any last year so we are totally out.

We finally set up our little pool and the boys and neighbors think it is great. We also got a fun new thing. A TRAMPOLINE!! Ty and Zack have been wanting one for a while and so we finally bought one. It has been real warm since we set it up so it has a sprinkler under it most of the time. They think it is grand. (Hopefully we don't get a broken arm or leg or something). One thing about this warm weather that I discovered is that sunscreen must expire. I have never thought about that before. Earlier in the week, the boys went over to our neighbors and played in their yard with the sprinkler and slip-n-slide and things. I lathered them up with sunscreen and sent them out. Well, about an hour and a half later, I lathered them up again and they stayed out for about another hour. When they came in, I could tell that they were a little red. Anyway, that night, they were so burned. I felt so bad. I thought I had done well but sure hadn't. The sunscreen that I used has been around for a few years, and I didn't think that it wouldn't be good anymore. Well, needless to say, I through it out and bought some new stuff.

Shon had his first ever experience with Girl's Camp this last week. On Thursday, he and the Bishop went up for Bishopric night and cooked the girls dinner. He actually went about noon so he spent quite a bit of time there. They dutch ovened their dinner and it turned out really good, he said. That night was the night when they give out awards, do skits and those things and then have the testimony meeting. The first thing he said when he came home (at 1:30 in the morning, by the way) was "Girl's camp is quite a bit different from boy's camp". But he was impressed by how organized it was and the things that they did. He noticed that girls are loud and they sing and laugh alot. Oh, and he mentioned they cry a little, too. He had fun getting to know them a little better and see them and the leaders outside of the church environment. I think it was a good experience for him. It made me think about the fun times I had a girl's camp. I actually really liked it.

Sorry I don't have any pictures. I keep forgetting to take any. But life is good.

Monday, June 16, 2008

Cameron and his funny noises

I think I finally got Cam to talk to the camera. He likes to make some pretty funny noises now a days. Very cute.

We finally got some warm weather here. It has been so nice. Today we actually went to the park and played for a while. I really love the summertime. All the flowers and birds just make me happy. We actually got to sit at a t-ball game and not be bundled up on Saturday.

Shon and I were looking through some of our cookbooks the other day and Shon came across a recipe that was entitled "Wacky Cake". We couldn't really determine what made it wacky though. I guess the only reason it is wacky is that you mix it a little differently. A few of the ingredients are a little different, but nothing I thought constituted wackiness. So yesterday, Shon decided to give it a test. It turned out very, very good. Actually the perfect chocolate cake.
Very moist, heavier than a box cake but not too heavy and the texture was great. I was very impressed with my husband. (which isn't rare, because he often impresses me. He is amazing!!)
So I thought I would share the recipe with you all.

Wacky Cake

3 c. flour
2 c. sugar
1 tsp. salt
1 tsp soda
1/2 c. cocoa
2/3 c. oil
2 T. Vanilla
2 T. Vinegar
2 c. water
Sift dry ingredients into a large bowl, mix well. Make 3 holes in mix. Pour oil in first hole, vanilla into second hole, and vinegar in the third hole. Pour water over mix. Stir until smooth. Don't beat. Pour into greased and floured 9 x 13 pan and bake at 350 for 40 to 45 min.
Hope you like it!!

Sunday, June 15, 2008

Tyler is six!!

Friday was Tyler's birthday. Actually, it was the 13th, Friday the 13th. I hadn't even thought of that until just now. Huh. Obviously we are not very superstitious people. It was a great day. He came upstairs in the morning very excited. I was feeding Cameron on the couch and Ty came and sat down by me and we had a little chat. This is kind of how it went:
Ty: "I am six today. I am getting big."
Me: "Yes you sure are."
Ty: Holding out his arm "Mom, look how big my arm is."
Me: "It is pretty big."
Ty: Holding out his leg "Look how big my leg is. It looks like a six year olds leg, doesn't it?"
Me: "It sure does."
Ty: "I feel six."

It was very cute. I just smiled and gave him a big hug. He is sure getting big and getting so smart.
We had a little party for him and his friends during the day. Ty invited his best friend Austin and his siblings and them our next door neighbor Katon. We had a little treasure hunt that I had set up for them. They really had a good time. They played with the present Ty got from his Grandma and Grandpa Shuldberg, which is a "Whac-a-mole Tower". Both Tyler and Zack were so excited for this. They have seen it advertised on TV and have wanted it for a while. Thanks Grandma and Grandpa. It was a fun party. That night we had our friends Tom and Emily come and my brother Bryan. Bryan's wife was in Boise because her sister had a baby. Tyler wanted a Cars cake again this year so Shon baked the cake and I frosted it. I think he had a wonderful day.

He really wanted me to write Tyler is Six on in so that is what it says on the top. I thought it turned out pretty good.

We got him this remote controlled truck that was really cool. He was so excited!! But when we got it out and he started driving it, it didn't work right so Shon took it and Tyler back to Toys-R-Us and picked out a different one. It is really cool, too. He loves it!!
Zack was almost as excited as Ty was for this birthday. But notice that kid in the red shirt that doesn't look like us but is there in every one? That is Austin, Tyler's best friend. He is such a great kid. He belongs to our good friends, Tom and Emily. Happy Birthday, Ty!

Thursday, June 12, 2008

T-ball and other stuff...

This is what Cameron looks like most of the time. He always has his hands in his mouth so he drools and is wet most of the time. His whole hand fits in his mouth just right.

Tyler started T-ball last week. This is his second year playing. I play Volleyball with his coach Hayley. She is a fun coach for all the boys. He was with some of the same kids last year but they go to different schools so they usually don't see each other but they have fun. Tyler really likes to play. But the other day he asked me when he could play "real" baseball. I didn't understand at first but then I got that he meant without a tee. He thinks he is old enough to do it without and he is actually a pretty good little hitter. Next year he will get to play "real" baseball.
Zack just likes to go play on the playground at the games. We have sure had to bundle up for all the games, though. Summer hasn't quite made it here yet.

The tournament for the Volleyball league I have been on is next week. I have really had fun. It has been so long since I have played, but I remember that I really like to. Improvement and some exercise are what I was going for and I think that that has happened. We played against a team on Monday that was really good. I think that shortest on the team is probably 5'8". Most are about 6' and played college ball. They are amazing. Last time we played them, we pretty much got clobbered and a couple girls on our team got hit in the face pretty hard. This time we stayed with them pretty darn well. I was quite impressed with us. And we had a lot of fun. Sorry I don't have any pictures of us. Maybe Shon will takes some next week in the tournament.

Wednesday, June 4, 2008 Emily

I have been tagged a couple of times and I have forgotten to respond. It is because there is so little exciting about me!! But, here goes...

The player list 8 random facts/habits about themselves

1. I am not a morning person at all. If I could stay in bed until 10:00 or so, I would love it. Every night before I go to bed, I think that I will get up, feed Cameron, get ready for the day and have my house picked up by 9:00. But everyday, that doesn't happen because I can't seem to get my motors running.

2. I love baby stuff. Every time I am in a store, I have to go to the baby aisle and just look around. I have a baby now but he doesn't like a pacifier, doesn't need a bottle and doesn't really need too much right now. I look anyway.

3. Pizza is my favorite food!! I could eat it everyday.

4. I Don't like to do laundry at all!!

5. I usually cut my own hair. Yes, I am a stylist but I should really have someone else cut it. But when I have someone else do it, I usually tweak it a little. Shon should hide the scissors from me!!

6. I have finally kicked my nail biting habit that I have had most of my life!!

7. I am a hair stylist that doesn't color their hair. I think it is more out of laziness, but I can't remember the last time I colored it. I used to all the time.

8. I have completely run out of facts or random things.

I tag my friend Emily, Alison, Janae, and Claudia and whoever else wants to.