Friday, April 25, 2008

New shoes

Tonight we went on a family outing shopping. The older boys both needed shoes and Zack needed a pair of pants that didn't have a hole in the knees. I probably should have went before Shon got off of work, but it was nice to have him with us. We went to the store and headed for the clearance rack, hoping to find some shoes the boys would like. I measured their feet and they had grown a whole size. So we looked. It is so funny how different they both are. Tyler was done after about five minutes, and could have cared less which shoes we picked out, just some that didn't tie. But Zack is much more opinionated. After trying on about 5 shoes, he found a pair he liked and he was done. He was very excited, just carried the box around with him until we were done. When we got to the counter, the lady rung us up and she charged us full price for Zack's shoes, which we thought were on sale. She went back and looked and said the blue ones were on sale, not the red ones that Zack had his heart set on. But we decided to give it a try with the blue ones. We got out to the truck and Zack realized we didn't have the right color and the tears just started flowing. But Shon is such a smooth talker that he changed Zack's mind and all was well.
Then we went to Kohles and found some pants and of course a few more things. When we got home, the first thing Zack wanted to do was try on his clothes. It is so fun to watch him get so excited over new clothes. It is like pulling teeth to get Tyler to do it. Anyway it was a good nighjt!!

Monday, April 21, 2008


I don't know about all of you, but sunglasses are an essential part of my wardrobe. I blame it on being a contact wearer. But I always have to have sunglasses on when it is sunny or I think that I will probably die. I don't have to have expensive ones. Walmart cheapies are great for me. Shon doesn't like to wear them. The last pair he bought was on his mission 12 years ago, and he only bought them because the cute girl at the counter told him they looked good on him. Sunglasses annoy him more than they help.

But there are people who need sunglasses like me. Taylee and Rohne won't go outside at all without theirs. It is really cute. They have sensitive eyes and very fair skin. I love it that there are people that need them as much as me. But I did have to go out and buy my boys some after Emily and her kids were here. Tyler and Zack now think they need them everytime they go outside. They put them on their heads like I do when I am inside and then when they go outside, they forget they are there and leave them in the same place. I just laugh.

Wishing and Hoping

When Ben and Heidi were here a few weekends ago, we had a great sunny and pretty warm day. So we played outside and then went to a park that is within walking distance. Man it was nice to be outside without freezing. I have had cabin fever. I also really enjoy walking (outside is much better than my treadmill). But we haven't yet had any consecutive nice days. It is warm one day and the next it snows. Idaho springs leave much to be desired.

I just thought this was cute all the boys lined up ready to cross the street. The one in the yellow helmet is Katon, our neighbor that I tend. Heidi and I were behind with the strollers. This was a great day with warm weather.
Now this is the next week. I really wanted to get out of the house so we walked to the same park. We only stayed about 10 minutes at the most because we were freezing. The wind comes a howling and it gets cold fast. Well, we tried. I am just wishing and hoping to have some nice warm days!!!
Tyler loves monkey bars or anything like that. And he is pretty good. I can remember as a kid loving the rings and bars and my hands getting so sore until I got big callouses on them.

Wednesday, April 16, 2008

Visit with the cousins

We had a great fun week last week. Emily and her two kids came down from Seattle and it was so great to see them. We did a lot of visiting and catching up and the kids just played. Man I loved seeing them. Taylee and Rohne have gotten so big and changed so much since I saw them last. I really, really miss seeing them.
My mom was here too so she was loving having all of her grandkids around her. Ben and Heidi came up for the weekend, so all eight grandkids were here. We had pictures done of them all together with Grandma. It was so fun.
These pictures are of us at Leo's Place. It is an indoor playground with arcade games too. The kids love it. Tyler and Zack have been a few times. Emily was nervous to take her kids there because she has never taken them to public play places. It just hasn't been real possible for her to. But mom and I convinced her that she needed to let go a bit and go and she did. Rohne had a blast but Taylee got scared and wouldn't do the big playground. But there was things that she enjoyed. It was fun.

Rohne up in the playground
Zack coming down the big slide

Sunday, April 13, 2008

Little boys do the craziest things!

This weekend Emily, Holly's Sister, came to our home. It has been to long since we had seen her and her cute children in person. The Shuldberg home was full of Hamblin's and all their children. Grandma Hamblin was here just soaking it all in. The boys played and played and played until they finally stopped at the kitchen counter to refuel on food so we thought, we quickly realized they both fell asleep and needed to refuel on rest instead of food. They must have slept there for about an hour just sitting on the kitchen stool with the heads rolling back and forth. The whole situation was really cute. I am so glad that my wife has a wonderful family that loves to be together and they really enjoy in each others company. What a blessing it is to be apart of 2 wonderful families. The late nights, no naps and continuous movement finally caught up with them. P.S. In the back ground we are playing a rough game of Carcasonne. Ben, Hiedi, Holly and Shon.

A super fun weekend!

This is the Buttar's cabin in Island Park. Our friends Tom and Emily invited us up for the weekend to snowmobile and play games. It was really fun and we are lucky to have good friends like the Barnes. As you can tell this is April 6th and the snow is still as tall as Tyler. It was a lot different then my Texas relatives pool party about the same time. We had a really good time and the boys came back exhausted. (please read bonding experiences on Tom and Emily's blog just click the link in our friends list.)

My sweet uncles funeral. Shon recently attended his uncle Dave's funeral. He died of pancreas cancer at the young age of 67. He and his wife are the sweetest people. It was sad to see my aunt Diane so sad. Dave was as good as they come. That is Shon's aunt holding the blonde girl on her lap keeping her warm.

Friday, April 11, 2008

For your information!

Please click on Tom and Emily's link and read the story entitled "Bonding experiences." You can read my latest escape from the clutches of death. It is rather funny now but it was not really funny then. All my family and friends please go read the story.