Monday, December 29, 2008

Future Missionaries

For Christmas, these boys got some new church clothes from Grandma and Grandpa Hamblin. It was really fun to put them on for church yesterday. The little tags say Future Missionary on them. THey were very proud to say that they would be missionaries someday. Tyler said he really wanted to be a missionary right now so we had a talk about how he could do that but had to wait until he was 19 to actually go on a mission. Thanks Grandma and Grandpa!! Not only do they look so darn cute, but is a great teaching tool. (this is after church so it was pretty hard to get a good picture of them.

Poor Cameron has had a rough few days. He was grouchy Saturday night, had a fever of 102 and then was up most of the night, which is really out of character for him. He usually sleeps all night and has for a long time. So we woke up Sunday and he was pretty good. Not much of a fever and a little happier. So we got all ready for church and he started getting grouchy but we had to go because Shon was speaking in Sacrament and Ty was speaking in Primary. So we went and Sacrament meeting was rough, followed by the rest of church pretty rough. But he did fall asleep during Relief Society so that was good. When we got home, he was really cross but then tok a nap. After his nap, he was not feeling good at all so I took him in to an Urgent Care down the street. An ear infection and tonsilitis. No wonder, right!! I felt pretty bad for the kid. He has been pretty cross today and now has a bad case of diarhea from the antibitics. Darn!! Hopefully they work fast and we get our happy baby back.

Wednesday, December 24, 2008

Christmas Eve Festivities

New Jammies!!
New Game
Graham Cracker House Building

Cookies for Santa!!

Saturday, December 20, 2008

Cameron Shuldberg

Our Cameruinicus!
We think he is very cute

Very proud of his two teeth

This like a little game of wheres waldo. If you go to the bigger picture of this last one of Cameron you can see his 3rd tooth coming in in the top. Where is Cameron's new tooth?

Family photos.

Right to Left Jeff & Claudia, Todd & Janae, Alison & Brian, Holly & Shon
Larry & Julie
Shon's Siblings and their wives.
"All Because two people fell in Love"
Shon's Brother's and Sister's and Nephew's and Niece's
Larry and Julie

Jeff and Claudia (from Peru)

We were able to get together on Thanksgiving with Shon's family. All his siblings were in town for most of the week. It was really fun. We got together and took photos of everybody. Some of them were really, really cute so I thought I would share.
I also wanted to play another game if you look closely at Zack's nose you will see a red line across the middle of it. Can you guess what happened? Tyler and Zack were playing with there cars like usual and Tyler decided to jump them of the track that Uncle Ben built for them. Tyler asked Zack to watch and Zack decided to go to the end of the jump and look really closely. Tyler without hesitation launched the car at a blistering speed up the ramp and "smash" right into Zacks nose. Tyler laughed and Zack cried. Obviously by the line being perpendicular to his nose Tyler hit him squarely with the front bumper of the car. To live and learn.

Tuesday, December 9, 2008

It's beginning to look a lot like Christmas...

Well, I think we finally got all of our Christmas stuff up. I sure love to bring out all our beautiful Christmas decor and set it all up. The kids were really excited to do it this year, too. On Sunday Whit came over and we set up our village. I just love all the little buildings and the cute figurines. We put all the pieces on this table to start out with because the whole thing doesn't fit up on my ledge so I have to pick and choose. When we got to the part of putting the lights in the houses, we realized they didn't work. So Shon worked and worked to get them to work and he did. Yeah. It looks so great. I will post a picture of it later because I forgot to take one of the finished product.
I was getting Cam's jammies on and he escaped. He really wanted to help "Da Da Da Da" up on the ladder.
After the kids were in bed and the village all up, we played a mean game of Ticket to Ride. (We got the Europe version, Jake and Em)
Our Christmas tree. We added some more balls this year. Nat, you will be proud of my tree. It looks more decorated this year.
I have always loved the Willowtree figures and nativities. I have a little collection of some angels too. For a few years I have admired the nativities but have been too frugal to purchase them. This year I noticed the ones with more color to them and fell in love. Shon knows of my love for them and last night he surprised me with this beautiful set!! I don't know why he did because I have been a little grouchy lately. Before he could even get them out of the box, I was crying. They are just so beautiful, and so is my wonderful husband. I don't know what I did to deserve him, but am truly thankful every day.

This kind of shows how big they are
My favorite part of the whole thing. How amazing Mary was to be chosen to bear and raise to Savior of the World.

Friday, December 5, 2008

Birthdays, Family visiting...What more could we ask for?

Wow, it has been a while since I have posted anything. I think sometimes I get in a rut and just don't want to do things, and blogging was one of those things. But I get scolded by my sister so I better shape up and blog. Sorry Em.

Well, life hasn't been too exciting around here, but we have had some special occasions. Thanksgiving was a great time. All the Shuldbergs were in town so we got in lots of visiting and playing. Getting all of Shon's siblings in the same house doesn't happen very often, so we took full advantage of them being here. Brian and Alison came from Texas, Jeff and Claudia came from California, and Janae and Todd came from Boise. The cousins had a blast all playing together and the adults just had a great time talking and playing games.
Had a pretty mean game of spoons going. It was really loud!!
Zack and his Volcano birthday cake. His birthday fell on the day before Thanksgiving this year. We had a little friends party during the day and a family one that night at Grandma and Grandpa's. I think he had a great day.

What is better than presents. Zack loved every minute of it.
Pizza and koolaide. Zack's party had a dinosaur theme. We set up a treasure hunt where the kids found pieces of dinosaur posters then put them together. This is the only thing that Zack really wanted, except he thought we were going to hunt for actual dino bones. It was still fun.
Erupting volcano!!

Whitney also had a birthday. The big 21!! Legal for all sorts of stuff now. She had a party the night before with her roommates and friends. The night of her birthday she came to our house and we had sushi and a cake and ice cream. (for all you sushi lovers out there, what is up? I do not like it. Maybe if I tried the right kind I would, but not for me!!) And the most exciting thing of that night was the Twilight premiere. Yes, we went at 12:30am. Whit and her friend Stacey, Mary, Mom, my friend Emily and her sister Heidi and me. I really liked it a lot. I know there are some that were a little disappointed, but I sure wasn't. I want to see it again, but will probably wait till it comes out and just buy it.
Fun times for us.

Wednesday, November 12, 2008

A little vacation

Shon had to go to a conference in Jackpot Nevada last week so the rest of us decided to tag along. We had a hotel room for Tuesday night and Wednesday night there, and then went on to Boise for the next few nights. We were planning on going to Boise that weekend anyway because we had tickets to a BSU game and a hotel stay there that we had won from a work thing. So when this conference came up, we decided to make a little vacation of it. It was very fun to get away. The kids loved it. The hotel in Jackpot was of course attached to a big casino and we had to walk through the casino to get to the room. Ty and Zack were a little mezmorised by the lights and sounds and would ask us when they could play them. But they loved the room and just the novelty I think. There was only an outdoor pool at the hotel but not too far from there was a rec center that we could get into for free because we were hotel guests. The pool was a hit with all of them. It was a little cold so they actually didn't stay as long as I thought they would, but still loved it. The center had all sorts of water things for them to use so it was great.

Here is the blue field that looks so weird to me on TV. It actually doesn't look so weird in person. It was very exciting to be at the game. I could have cheered for the Aggies because I really like Utah State, but I didn't. Actually I probably would have gotten beat up if I did. Boise won 49 to 14 so it was a blow out but still very fun.
On Saturday, we had tickets to the BSU game. Shon and I are the only ones that went, actually. Janae, Shon's sister, so graciously tended the boys. It was so great to be able to sit and enjoy each others company without being interrupted. I felt a little bad because Ty would have really loved it. We got them a t-shirt and ball for them to make up for it. But I think they had a great time playing with their cousins. The game was awesome. I love the whole feeling there is at college games. Tons of excited people, tailgaters, noise, I just love the atmosphere. I haven't been to a game for a long time and I loved it.
Now for the most exciting part....the band!!! Look at all those sax players!! I now I am totally a band geek, but I loved seeing the band. They marched all over the parking lot with all the fans and tailgaters before the game and just help hype everyone up. When we got to our seats, they all came out on the field and did their formations and stuff. Awesome!! Shon just laughed at me because I got so excited, but I love bands!!
Cam is just growing like crazy. The day we left for our trip, I took him to the doctor for his 9 mo check. He is 21 pounds, actually a little less than I thought he was. Just perfect, the doc said. But when he looked in Cam's ears, he said they looked terrible. Come to find out he had a double ear infection and I didn't even know. So I had to get him an antibiotic before we left. It gave him diarrhea so he had a sore bum while we were gone. I think it has done the trick though. He is just getting bigger every day. This is what I found him doing yesterday so now he thinks he is so big and does it all day.

Saturday, November 1, 2008

The Shuldberg's Halloween!

Where is the great Pumpkin?

Went to a local Pumpkin patch to search for the perfect pumpkin. Zack was determined to find the exact one he had in mind. It took some searching by the family but to Zack's enjoyment we found the right Halloween pumpkin.