Wednesday, November 28, 2007

Mary's birthday

Mary's birthday is the same day as Zack's. I felt a little bad because Zack really didn't want to share it at all. He told her that "It can only be for one kid. No Mary's on my birthday. I don't like you on my birthday." But Mary and Bryan came down and we celebrated both. She didn't even care that most of the attention was on Zack. But she did bring her birthday present with her which is a 10 week old boxer puppy named Allie. She is really cute and Mary was so excited. Bryan got her from somebody in Rigby. The boys are not fans of dogs, so they were a little stand offish. But they will get used to her.
Sorry I am not the best picture taker. I should have turned on the flash or something. I don't know. Zack is a lot more willing to get to know Allie then Tyler is.

Zack's birthday

We finally made it to Zack's birthday. He has been so excited for months. It was almost unbearable for him because there were quite a few other people that he knows that had birthday before him. After everyone that went by he would say "Is my birthday next now?" When we had to say no, he would drop his bottom lip and say "Ah, shucks!!!" Finally is was next and the anticipation was almost too much for him. When we arrived home on Saturday after Thanksgiving, a package was in the mail for him from Grandma and Grandpa Hamblin. He got so excited when he read his name on it and said "It is for my birthday!!! I know it!! Can I open it?" He was once again heart broken when I told him his birthday wasn't for two days and he had to wait until then to open it. So we put it away up in the closet thinking that that would help keep his mind off of it, but it didn't. About every hour he would come and ask me if he could open his package from Grandma and Grandpa. He went to bed Sunday night very excited. In the morning, I got up to get Tyler ready for school and Zack was still sleeping. We were in the kitchen making breakfast and we here Zack come bounding in and the first thing he said (and I think he was still half asleep) was "Now I can open my package from Grandma and Grandpa." He was so excited that we opened it right then. He was very thrilled to get not only a jetplane but a transformer at that. It was very exciting.

Zack has wanted and talked about a rocketship for months now. He sure loves this one!!!
He really wanted a transformer cake but his mother has very limited creative skills. I actually had no idea how to do it. Shon found two smaller transformer guys that I tried to put on the cake, but they kept sinking in and falling over so I had to tape them on the platter. But he really loved it.

Of course Tyler had to help with the blowing out. We had sparkler candles on the cake which they thought were really cool because the kept relighting. They had fun.

Tyler's school project

Tyler made this little outfit in school. He learned an indian song to go along with it. He tought the song to Zack and I, then they took turns putting on the outfit and posing in it. Very fun!!
What a cute ( I mean intimidating) indian brave!!


Thanksgiving was fun. But I forgot to take any pictures. We had fun in Boise with Shon's sister Janae and her family. Tyler and Zack love their cousin Kelsey who is almost 7, but she plays with them and really makes them laugh. They had fun playing with other kids toys and being able to "sleep over" somewhere. Shon joined his brother-in-law and his nephews and some guys from the wards around them in a football tournament early Thanksgiving morning. They had a great time. We thought about going out shopping on Black Friday, but decided against it. The crowds are too much for me and it just isn't worth it for me. It was a fun weekend. We came back on Saturday so we could spend a little time with Natali while she was here for the Thanksgiving. It was great to see her.

Whitney's birthday

I realized that I am a little behind on a few events that have happened around here. So I will start even before Thanksgiving, which was Whitney's birthday. The youngest of my siblings. It is weird to think that she is 20 years old. (Maybe it is weird because that means the I am almost 30). Anyway we had a little party for her with Bryan and Mary. We had a good time. She didn't open any presents that day though because she had already opened them all. She just couldn't wait. We sure love having her here. It is fun to see her loving college and everything.

Friday, November 23, 2007

Most of Shon's Family minus his sister.

The Shuldberg family all went horse riding. It was really new to all the kids. With the exception of Holly. She got on that horse and looked like she was as comfortable as ever. Grandpa Taylor's ranch I think had something to do with that. Everyone else looked very unnatural on the horses it was quite the sight to behold. Yes, they had big horse to handle the very big men in Shon's family. Tyler was terrified of the horses just like he is terriefied of every animal with the exception of Bryce and Nat's donated fish Julious. Which by the way is still alive.

We love our cousins!

My kids really love their cousins. They get really excited to play with them. This is one of their favorites because she is close to their own age. They laugh and play until they are exhausted and grumpy. Aren't families great!


This is Shon's nephews and a niece. They came with us on our summer vacation to New Mexico or Shon's family reunion. This is also the family we had Thanksgiving with this year. Shon, Taller one Chase, Justin, Kelsey, Tyler, Holly and Zack. We also sort of knew that Holly was pregnant at this time. We didn't have a confirmation from a doctor but had several pregnancy test to prove it.

Sunday, November 18, 2007

Pregnancy Photo Update

It seems that everyone is very interested in Holly's belly. They want to be notified of the progression of this little boy. Here is the latest belly update. She is feeling huge and uncomfortable. We went to church and she couldn't get comfortable. This baby has the hick ups alot. Shon thinks that babies can't have hick ups because there is no air. He is wrong which happens often. Some of the names suggested by the boys for this baby are. Ramone (after the Cars movie), Gordon, Sam (Movie Transformers), Joey (he just likes that name always has), While doing this blog Jofess he liked it. I am not sure if any of these names will be selected just wanted to let you all know what the boys were thinking.

Sunday Night Activities

Tyler took this of Zack and it is just cute. What a heart breaker.

Limbo Lessons

Zack was really struggling with his coordination. He would lean back but he couldn't figure out how to lean back and keep his head back. It was really funny.

We were sitting around on Sunday evening. Shon had just got done with the treadmill. Using the safety string from the treadmill we decided to high jump and teach the boys about the limbo. These were a few of our pictures from that experience. Zack and Tyler had Whitney, Holly and Shon laughing so hard. Sometimes Shon forgets to take off his church socks after he gets home from church.

Monday, November 12, 2007

Tyler took this one so it isn't too great.

3 months left

Emily really wanted some pictures of me pregnant so here are a few.


Tyler and Zack were so excited for Halloween. Zack kind of looks like a swamp monster but is actually the Jolly Green Giant. Tyler only wanted to be Spiderman. We had a lot of fun days before carving pumpkins and we had a ward party on Tuesday the 30th. By Halloween night, Tyler was a little grouchy from all the previous fun and a party in school that day. I told him if he didn't act nicer, we wouldn't go trick or treating. We did go for about 40 minutes and then they were done. I think that they actually had more fun handing out treats to the people who came to our house. It was a fun night and of course got too much candy.

Sunday, November 11, 2007

We were all busy carving Jack O Lanterns.

Bryan, Mary Beth, Holly, Shon, Zack, Tyler, Julie Shuldberg all participated in the decorating of, as Zack puts it "Jack O lanterns". They thought it was great fun for a few minutes while the adults toiled over the patterns the children picked out.

Zack's shining moment!

Jeff, Shon's brother, got married and Zack was honored to be the ring bearer. He did want to take his tux off at the end of the day.

Soccer is fun.

Soccer was a good time for Tyler. Dad on the other hand was really frustrated the five year olds just didn't get it. By the end of the year the Purple Dragons had scored 1 goal. They had a blast.

Tyler's 1st Team Sport

Tyler loved playing baseball. It was a little frustrating at first but he got the hang of it towards the end of the season.

Tyler's summer fun.

I know I am supposed to smile. I just can't figure out how to make it look real.