Monday, June 28, 2010

Tyler's Baptism

Tyler got baptized on Saturday. What a wonderful day! This is a new thing for our little family, with Ty being the oldest. Both Shon and I got pretty emotional, which we expected. The stake baptism program was really nice. With my calling I get to go to the stake baptisms every month which I actually love. The opportunity to witness these ordinances is amazing. But of course it was different with Tyler being one that was making this step. It was so nice, I had a friend of mine take care of the music this time so I could just be with my family and enjoy. Tyler and I played a piano duet for the musical number. I didn't know if I could make it through it because tears were streaming down my face as we were playing, but it was beautiful.
It was so great to have the family there that could make it. Thank you for coming!!

That afternoon, we headed out to Ririe Reservoir to Blacktail. They have a great big grassy area and tables with shade and then this area blocked in by the docks. We have lived here for 8 years and have never been down here. It is only 15 minutes away. It was really fun!!
This is Zack at the far end of the swimming area. Over there it is too deep for an adult to touch and it is pretty cold. It is about 30 yard or so from the shore. Jed swam all the way over also. I am the only adult that actually jumped in from over there. It really took my breath away because it was so cold. But it was fun.

We took our little BBQ grill and cooked some hot dogs and hamburgers for dinner. Thanks Dad for being such a great cook!!

It was a great day!!!