Friday, January 23, 2009

An "Okay, this is worth it" Moment

You know how sometimes when you are in church and you have 3 very rowdy boys that are not being quiet and 2 of which are saying "I don't like church. Let's go home" "I don't want to go to class today" and the like? Okay so this is almost every Sunday. And I wonder, "Now why am I here? Am I getting anything out of this today? How can I possibly feel the spirit?" And I think "My kids need this. I do need this and somehow you will get something from this." So I stay and make it the 3 hours, sometimes feeling a little frazzled when I get home.

A conversation in the car made me realize that it is worth it. Zack was in the back seat and Cam was too, asleep. And Zack gets talking (those of you who know this about Zack, I groaned just a little). But this is how it went:
Zack: "Mom, do you know what CTW stands for?"
Me: "No, honey. What does it stand for?"
Zack: "Choose the wrong."
I didn't even think he knew that wrong started with a W.
Me: "That's right, honey."
Zack: "I know you know what CTR stands for. It is easy. Choose the Right."
Me: "That's right, honey."
I know I say honey way too often!!
Zack: "Satan stands for the wrong Mom and I know who stands for the right. Jesus and we should always choose Jesus."
My heart was full and melting at this point. This conversation went on for about ten minutes till we got to the store. Then after the store he went on. He asked so many questions and it almost amazed me at how much he understood. It was really cool!!

Tuesday, January 20, 2009

Goings on in the our home

So not much has been going on around here lately. Cameron has actually been a little under the weather. Poor kid has had diarrhea for what seems like 2 weeks. I think that there are a couple different instances but still. I can't get the poor kids bum healed!! (he is still been a darn good kid though). I have two new callings. I am now a teacher to 12 Sunbeams. WOW!! I have never taught that age before so it is a fun experience. I also got a stake calling as the Primary Music Leader. I think I can figure that one out pretty fast. I as kept busy, which is good.

Last week we went to Red Robin a couple of times. It is a brand new restaurant here so they had their training days and we got to go two nights in a row. Yummy!! It was fun and even better because it was free. We will patronize it in the future.

We threw Mary a baby shower a week and a half ago and I am very slow about putting pics up about it. It was fun. Mary's sister, Amy came from Boise to help put in on. I think Mary had a good time and got some great things. Not as many people were there as she expected, so she was a little disappointed, but it was still great!! The boys played downstairs and tried to stay our of the women space. But they still ate the yummy food. (She is due on march 19th and is having a boy to add to the Hamblin clan. He will be my folks 9th grandson! Only one granddaughter. This is Bryan and Mary's first baby, for those of you how don't know!)

P.S. Piano lessons are going well. I have 8 students. It has been really fun so far. I love music and I hope that I can help my students develop a love for it also.

Wednesday, January 14, 2009

Interesting Story from the days of our lives.

I have known for a while that the stake was interested in calling Holly to a stake calling. This is the advantage of being in the bishopric I guess. The call never came week after week. For anyone who doesn't know our stake was split and we are in a brand new stake newly created stake. Sunday arrived as business as usual. I was on the stand preparing for sacrament meeting when the High Counselor for our ward came up and sat by me. We asked is there any stake business. He replied, "Yes we are putting your wife in as the stake primary person." I must have looked a little puzzled then I ask don't you think you should ask her first before you sustain her. The High counselor then looked very puzzled. We debated back and forth about whether she had been called and finally the only resolution was ask Holly. Holly was having a ruff morning at home with the boys and had not yet arrived at church. Finally with minutes to spare she came rushing in and Bro Dupree went to meet her. As I watched from afar I could tell that I was correct and she had not spoke to anyone from the stake presidency. Bro. Dupree returned to that stand and reported that he had no stake business but that Holly would be getting a call from the stake presdiencies office very soon. As far as I know Holly was sustained in all of the wards in our stake that morning with the exception of ours. Upon returnng home the phone rang to set up a meeting on Tuesday for a stake calling. We had an idea it maybe coming. All is well she is now called as Stake primary music director. She will be sustained in the last ward our ward on Sunday. We thought it was a unique and humorous story that everyone may enjoy.

Holly's Birthday

Holly's birthday has come and past. She is a year older and a year wiser. We had a party for her. Marybeth and Bryan brought the cake. The cake was better then " " Cake. It was really yummy. Holly got everything she had ever wanted. Clothes, Decorations, and a temple clothes bag. The kids were less than impressed. They tried to act excited about the unusual gifts adults seem to desire. We were surrounded by friends and family and I think that is the way Holly prefers it. It was a good day by all reports. We wish you all could have attended the celebration.

Monday, January 5, 2009

Back to reality

We had a great holiday!! Christmas was great and so was new years. We got to spend time with Family and friends, old and new. We rang in the new year with some great friends. Tyler was the only one that stayed up for all the festivities, though. (child, that is). On New Years Day we went and watched Tale of Despareaux in the theater, which the kids loved. It was an okay movie. Cam had fun climbing up and down the stairs in the theater. As long as he is happy, right. It was so great to have Shon home for a break. He had to work a few days in between holidays, but got some good vacation time, I think. I was glad to get Christmas stuff all put away. But I couldn't bring myself to put away my beautiful nativity so it is still out for me to admire a while longer.

Today we got back to reality. The big boys went back to school, which they were excited about and Shon went back to work, which he was not excited about. I went back to doing laundry and that sort of stuff. Today I also started someting new. Piano lessons. (Me teaching them, not taking them). I had my first three students today and will have three more tomorrow. I have been really nervous about it actually, but am pretty excited too. I hoe to be a good teacher for these kids. Hopefully it will help me continue to develop my talents. Wish me luck!!

The boys got this game for Christmas called Facebreakers. It is a boxing game. Ty and Zack really love it, but Shon and Bryan sure love it, too. It has been played a lot!!

P.s. Cam is getting better everyday. I think he is about over his sick. Yeah!!