Wednesday, March 18, 2009

New Nephew

My sister in law Mary had her baby yesterday!! She went into labor all by herself and just did so well. He came at 7:15 last night and all is well with both of them. He weighed 7 lb 13 oz and that is all the stats I have right now. Pretty darn cute. Here are a few pictures I got before my camera died. His name is Payton. His middle name will be either Bryan or Joseph.

Tuesday, March 17, 2009

Video of Cam

So here is a little video of our big boy walking. Sorry it is so dark. My camera isn't actually designed to take video but that is all I've got. Hope you enjoy!!

Sunday, March 15, 2009

Walking baby and a few boring thoughts

Well, Cam is doing it. He is walking. But sad to say I have no pictures or videos yet of him doing it. I am not very good lately with taking pictures. But he is so darn cute and very proud of himself. Just this week he really figured it out and now is off to the races. He sticks his chest out and keeps his arms up for balance and just goes. He loved walking the halls today at church.

My mom is here for a few days. She made a spontaneous trip to Idaho yesterday because Whitney has a performance tomorrow. It is fun to have her here. I was very thankful she was here today for church because I did singing time and it would have been impossible with him walking all over the place.

Tyler and Zack are doing well. They got over their influenza (hooray) and are feeling back to normal. Tyler is getting a little burned out on school, I think. Sometimes he just doesn't want to go and makes a fuss. And I found out he hasn't been doing his work in school. Hopefully he is just going through a phase. But I think he is a really good student. It is weird that he knows so much. He is just getting so big. Zack was so excited the other day because we got to go and register for kindergarten. He had a lot of fun. But now he thinks kindergarten starts right now. He doesn't want to wait the summer.

Soccer is starting soon. Ty and Zack will be playing this season. Zack is so excited that he is finally old enough to get to do something. It is still pretty cold, so I am not to excited yet. But it is fun to watch them.

We are going to Seattle in about 11 days to visit Emily and Jake. I am so excited. It is spring break for the kids so we get to stay for a few days. I think we are all ready for a break from reality for a while. It should be a fun little vacation.

Life is pretty good. Not too exciting right now, but at least it is not bad, right.

Tuesday, March 3, 2009

Our life right now

I know it has been along time since I have posted anything. I just haven't felt much like doing it and nothing has really been going on. Shon has been sick for a while, about a week actually. He has taken the last two days off work, which he never does. It started out as a little annoying cold and just had gotten worse and kept hanging on. I know he is sick of being sick. Ty has also been sick. He started coughing about a week ago, which isn't unusual for him. Because he had asthma, he gets coughy even if he isn't sick. But on Saturday he got a really high fever. Sunday it was worse so I took him to the doctor and they told me he had influenza. Now I didn't ask her but now wonder if the flu is different than influenza. Anyway we have to let it run it's course. He has been one sick little boy that coughs all of the time. Today his fever came down a bit and he actually looked alot better. But that cough. My mom told me, and I can actually remember this, that I did this as a kid. Coughed and coughed and coughed and coughed. I think he spends about 90% of the time coughing. Right now it is 12:43 am and I can't sleep because I just listen to him cough. Medicine doesn't seem to touch it, oil that my mom gave me doesn't either and neither does vicks. I just spent about 10 minutes outside in the cold with him in a blanket to see if that would help. I don't know what to do. It really stresses me out. At least I know that his lungs are clear and that he doens't have pnenomia, but oh the coughing. I feel so bad for him. So sorry that you who are reading this have to hear about my complaints. Any ideas??

Cam is almost walking. He gets so excited to go that he doesn't wait to get his balance. But he gets braver and nore steady everyday. I think that he would really like walking if he would do it. He doesn't like to try very much, gives up to soon. It's okay though. Less bumps and bruises, right.

I am really trying to loose weight right now. I really watch what I eat and excercise everyday. Yesterday I really wanted a big, juicy hamburger with onion rings, but I didn't. I really don't like dieting, but I love feeling better about myself. So wish me luck and send encouraging thoughts my way.

I don't even have any pictures to post. So here is a video of us trying to help Cam walk.