Wednesday, April 29, 2009

A new paint job...

So I have been wanting to repaint my wall in the kitchen that gets so dirty. It didn't matter how much I scrubbed the darn thing, it never looked clean. So I deliberated about the color and decided I wanted blue. Some people really tried to talk me out of it, but I stuck to my guns and did it. It is a little lighter than I really pictured but I really like it. Blue is such a happy color. And my wall looks so clean now. We also painted on the other side of the wall and down our hallway. It changed the look so much. I love it!! Shon was so great and helped me and we did it really fast.

I got the pictures in the wrong order. I just wanted you all to see that I did take down my Christmas Village that I love so much!! You can see the blue paint down the hall in this shot.
Blue, blue wall. I really like it!!
Zack finally got to start soccer this spring. THe poor kid has had to wait and watch his older brother for three seasons. He was so ready. And he loves, loves it!!! They do it a little different for his age. We go at 6:00 on Fridays and they do drills and practice for about 45 min. Then they have a scrimmage for the next 45 min. They play 3 on 3 in a very short field. It is pretty fun to see him. There are two Zacks on the team so he is Zack 7 because that is his number. The little short kid in the bottom of the picture is Zack 5. So fun!!

Nothing too exciting to write about here. We seem to be very busy, too busy sometimes. But life is good.

Wednesday, April 22, 2009

Fun stuff at Ty's school

This was a fun performance the whole school did. They showcased some of the songs that their music teacher taught them this year. All the first graders went together, then the second graders and so on. Each group performed three songs. It was so fun to watch. It is no wonder why the kids love their music teacher. He is so great. It was really good to see him and you could tell all the kids love him.

Somtimes I still can't believe that Ty is in first grade, knows how to read and is so dang smart. The kid usually blows my mind. He is a really good boy, despite my short falls as a mom. His heart is so big and is so giving. He is pretty darn intense and sometimes doesn't know for sure how to handle it (him or me) but that is good sometimes. I really can't say enough good about my first born. I am so very proud of him.

In school, they prepared for a Reader's Theater. They performed three stories. Tyler was the Gingerbread Man in his group. All of those kids were so darn cute. And Ty was very proud. He did so good!!


I know I am really late posting about Easter, but better late than never I guess. I actually feel like I am late with most things nowadays. But that is a whole post in itself. Easter was fun. We went to Shon's folks on Saturday for a yummy brunch and Egg Hunt. The kids had lots of fun. Grandma had hidden the eggs first, then I had to hide them again a few times for them.

Not such a great shot of me. Hope you can't see my underwear. Just don't zoom in on this one. But Cam was so cute. He had no idea what to do at first, but when he figured it out, he loved it!!
Grandma helping with the last few they couldn't find.
Our friends Tom and Emily have an annual egg hunt at their house the Saturday before Easter. It is so fun because tons of kids show up. We have to make sure that everyone had 12 eggs to be fair.
Cam wanted to ride in their tractor more that finding eggs.
Easter morning was good. The Easter bunny actually brought the boys light savers (as they are called in our house). Pretty excited. Didn't get many pictures that morning, not sure why.
Easter morning we woke up to finding more eggs. Then Shon had to leave for meetings as usual on Sundays. I loved Easter morning and focusing on Christ. I seemed to be so on top of getting the boys and myself ready with out my usual grouchiness. I was a little nervous because I had to sing in sacrament, but it was a great morning. Church was great and I think the song was good and then we had a yummy ham dinner with Shon's folks and MaryBeth, Bryan, Payton and Whitney.

Wednesday, April 8, 2009

Last night I was finally getting to posting pictures of our trip to Seattle, and I was too tired to write about them so here I am.
Our trip to Seattle was so great!! We headed out on Thursday the 26th first thing in the morning. We really debated whether this was the best time because we were worried about Cameron. But morning it was and I think all the boys did very well. We had to make a lot of stops though because Zack had a serious case of diarrhea (that is a hard word to spell!!) Poor kid. And he wouldn't just go on the side of the road. We took almost all the exits in Oregon, I think. But we did make it that night. He seemed to be better once we got there. But Cam was having problems. Need less to say we went through a lot of diapers.
We did so many things, but it was just so great to see Emily and Jake and their kids. Their house is so cute and they live in what looks like the woods. I love that about Washington. You drive in neighborhoods and it really looks like a camp ground in the woods, but with homes. I never do get used to not knowing which direction I am going though. All you see is trees.
We went into Seattle a couple times and it was just awesome. Seeing that city amazes me. It is so huge, but right there on the water. You see tons on sailboats and stuff right next to huge buildings. We went to Alki beach and flew kites and looked for shells. It was cold but very fun. I love to see the big ferry boats!!
We also went to the Original Red Robin. Jake's sister Jessi is the manager there and it was so cool. It is a very small building, but has all the original stuff from like 1960 or something. Right on the water.
It was so great to take a little vacation. Shon says that we really don't ever go on vacation cause all we do is go visit family, but I still think it is vacation. I loved spending time with Emily and her family. They are always such great hosts and make us feel so welcome. Thank you so much for having us. Wish we could so it more often. We sure love all of you guys!!
P.S. The cool green building I am standing in front of is a place featured on Diner's, Drive In's and Dives on the Food Network. We drove about 45 min to go to it, but they were closed because they were catering a party (you know the Hawaiian kind that I can't seem to remember the word right now. With hula dancer and all that) We went to the Old Spag Factory instead. I was soooo disappointed. That was the main reason we went to Washington.