Friday, February 18, 2011

February Happenings

Cam turned 3. My baby is 3. WOW. He had a very fun birthday. Got some monster trucks that he loves so much.

Look at that smile! The kids loved playing with the trucks on the cake. I made them wait until we had a picture of it before they could "VROOM" their trucks. (Ty and Zack have said that forever about cars and trucks. Now all of us say it.)
Zack and Ty both started basketball this month. Somehow I don't have any pics of Ty but here is one of Zack warming up with the team.

Just Cam being cute.

Zack got to go swimming with his class two days in a row. He thought it was awesome. I went to help his teacher. She was very nervous about getting all the kids dressed and back to school. It was fun to see him. Tylers class went too but I didn't get to help with them.


Celinda said...

Thanks, Holly. I wish I were there to see things in person, but I do love to see and read these blogs.

Emily K. said...

Thank you for finally posting on the blog. And, thank you for answering all of my phone calls. I actually didn't even know that Zacky was in swimming lessons until I saw this picture. You are busy busy busy.