Tuesday, November 15, 2011

Las Vegas and San Diego trip

Our oldest niece, McKinzie got married the first part of November. The wedding was in Las Vegas, a temple I have never been to so we were so excited to go. (Unfortunately, we got to the temple and I realized I had left my camera in the hotel so no pictures of the temple or of them coming out of the temple. So the pics I have are at the reception the next day in Santa Rancho Margarita, CA).

So we headed out on Thursday morning to Las Vegas. The wedding was on Friday afternoon. We did have one mishap in Vegas. Thursday night we met Brian and Alison and fam at a mexican place for dinner. It was a nice place and right after we had ordered, Cam told us he wasn't feeling well. About five minutes later, Cam threw up. Big time. It was horrible. I felt so sorry for the table next to us. I took Cam out to the truck, where I had to throw his clothes away and we spent the rest of the time watching a movie in the truck while everyone else enjoyed their dinner.

The sealing was just beautiful, as was Kinzie!! The bride and groom were soooo excited and it was so special.

Kinzie and Geoff McRae cutting the cake at the reception. Man, California is a beautiful place. It got a little chilly by the end but it was so nice for November.
Brian and Alison's family. I wish we got to see them more often...they live in Ft. Worth Texas.
Two very beautiful girls!! I have a hard time believing that Bailee is now 16! She is such a beautiful person.
Cam kept posing for me all night and wanted me to take tons of pictures of him. At least he was happy.

We stayed the remainder of our trip in San Diego right by where Shon's younger brother Jeff lives. Both he and his wife Claudia go to school there. Oh man I loved the ocean there!! And so did the kids.
It wasn't very warm and it sprinkled on and off all day but that didn't keep our boys out of the water.
Sea Lions are such weird looking creatures I think. But it was still cool to see them.
Wave watching from a pier.

Claudia doesn't really like cold weather. She was so bundled up. We thought that the 60 degrees was a lot better than the 40 it was back in Idaho.

Karlee loving the ocean.

In Old Town San Diego, there is a newly renovated Mormon Battalion Museum that we went to on Sunday. It was really neat. Here is Mason and Tyler dressed up as soldiers.
Brain, Tyler, Mason and Karlee panning for gold at the museum.
Shon and Cam looking for gold.

The San Diego temple is just a few blocks from where Jeff and Claudia live and where our hotel was. Oh my word it is gorgeous!!!

Our last day there, we went to the San Diego Zoo. Huge place!!! I wish we could have had another day to spend there. It was amazing.

I think giraffes are amazing creatures.

He is one cute seal, don't you think?!
My camera died while at the zoo so not many pics :(
That evening we went to the beach. Man, I could have spent days there!! I see why people love the ocean and the beach so much. It is so peaceful and so relaxing. I loved that we saw a bunch of surfers out on the water and coming in. It was exactly how I have pictured a California beach. I could definately live by a beach some day.
The kids loved it too!! It was a great vacation!!


Whitney said...

Hey! I didn't realize that you had blogged! What a fun trip you guys had. I really want to spend some time in California someday. I loved the beach so much in Hawaii. Your niece looked so beautiful on her wedding day. I'm glad that you guys were able to celebrate with them. Thanks for the pictures!

Whitney said...

That was actually me, Emily. Using Bubber's computer.

Shuldberg's in Texas said...

Wahoo!! It's great to see you back!
It was a fun trip. I'm trying to edit pics. Hopefully I can catch up soon. ;)

Keep blogging!!!

Anonymous said...

Fun to see the pics from the trip. We loved being with you! Thanks for being you! Mom

Starnes fam said...

Wow! Look at the beautiful sunshine!! Looks like a fantastice trip!